First Year Programs supports several academic workshops to meet various student needs.

Math Preparatory Workshops

The goal of the Bridge to College Mathematics Preparatory Program is to provide incoming and current City Tech students an opportunity to learn key concepts prior to taking mathematics courses. The following math workshops are offered:

  • Introduction to Trigonometry (Preparation for MAT 1275: College Algebra and Trigonometry
  • Introduction to Precalculus (Preparation for MAT 1375: Precalculus)
  • Introduction to Calculus I (Preparation for MAT 1475: Calculus I)
  • Introduction to Calculus II (Preparation for MAT 1575: Calculus II)
  • Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning (Preparation for MAT 1190: Quantitative Reasoning)

Retest Prep Workshops in Reading and Mathematics

Students who come close to passing the reading or elementary algebra placement exams are eligible to retest once in the appropriate area(s).

Retaking the CUNY Assessment Tests (CAT) may lead students on the right path to success. Test results determine how soon students can begin taking college credit bearing classes. Passing the CUNY Assessment Tests allow students to bypass non-credit remedial, developmental or ESOL courses and earn actual credits toward a degree.

First Year Programs offers retest prep workshops several times throughout the year especially prior to the start of the fall and spring semesters. The success rate of students who take retest prep workshops and are retested are excellent. With more than 60% of participating students gaining proficiency.

The following CAT scores determine retest eligibility:
Reading: Reading retest eligible score range 45-54
Mathematics: Math retest eligible score range 50-56
Writing: No writing retest.

The following CAT scores in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics demonstrate college readiness and proficiency:
Reading: a score of 55 or more
Writing: a total score of 56 or more.
Mathematics: a score of 57 or more in Elementary Algebra (Math 5).

For more detailed information on academic testing, please visit the CUNY Academic Testing website:
CUNY Academic Testing information and policy

For information regarding the CUNY Assessment Tests, please see:
CUNY Test Preparation Resources

For information regarding Math or Reading Retest Prep workshops at City Tech, please email us at: