Academic Workshops

First Year Summer Program (FYSP)

First Year Program offers incoming and continuing students tuition-free workshops to support a successful transition to college, as well as prepare students for the academic rigor of college-level work.

Students who enroll in FYSP typically earn three credits more in their first year of college than students who do not take advantage of these summer workshops. Students who earn more credits in their first year are more likely to stay on track to graduate on time.

FYSP students receive:

  • Tuition-free workshops to improve developmental Math and English skills.
  • Opportunities to gain proficiency in Math and English, enabling them to enroll in a wider variety of classes.
  • A unique, supportive, and intensive classroom experience that provides them an academic “head start” on fall semester studies.
  • Student Success Workshops to advance college readiness, help students successfully transition to college life, and develop strategies for addressing personal challenges that may arise in their new academic career.
  • An upper-level City Tech student as a Peer Mentor to support and guide them in their transition to college.
  • The Companion for the First Year at City Tech, a guidebook for student success created by First Year Programs

How To Qualify and Enroll in FYSP:

  • Incoming first year students are registered for FYSP by the STAR Center (Scheduling Testing Advisement Registration) after level of proficiency is determined.
  • For details on STAR Center advisement appointments, please visit: .
  • For details on CUNY Proficiency Standards, please visit: .
  • If you are interested in being a part of FYSP, and have not yet been contacted by STAR, please reach out to First Year Programs: .

Math Preparatory Workshops

Mathematics Preparatory Workshops provide incoming and current City Tech students an opportunity to learn key concepts prior to taking mathematics courses, in an effort to increase student confidence and performance in credit-bearing courses. The workshops are typically held the week before Fall and Spring semesters begin.

The following math workshops are offered in the Summer and Winter sessions:

  • Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning (Preparation for MAT 1190: Quantitative Reasoning)
  • Introduction to Trigonometry-CO (Preparation for MAT 1275CO: College Algebra and Trigonometry Corequisite)
  • Introduction to Trigonometry (Preparation for MAT 1275: College Algebra and Trigonometry)
  • Introduction to Precalculus (Preparation for MAT 1375: Precalculus)
  • Introduction to Calculus I (Preparation for MAT 1475: Calculus I)
  • Introduction to Calculus II (Preparation for MAT 1575: Calculus II)

For information regarding workshops at City Tech, please email us at: