First Year Program (FYP)

First Year Program offers incoming and continuing students tuition-free workshops to support a successful transition to college, as well as prepare students for the academic rigor of college-level work.

City Tech 101: Introduction to College

City Tech 101: Introduction to College is a tuition-free workshop designed to help new students start strong at New York City College of Technology. During the 8-session workshop, students explore college success practices; learn instructional technologies; access resources and services available at the college; review college majors and degrees; utilize special college vocabulary; and work with professors and peer mentors specially prepared to support a new students’ transition to college. Ultimately, students who participate in City Tech 101 will be more confident to begin their City Tech career.

Math Prep Workshops

Mathematics Prep Workshops provide incoming and current City Tech students a preview of select mathematical concepts just prior to taking the full-length course during the semester. Workshops are offered for Quantitative Reasoning, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus I, and Calculus II, and are held the week before Fall and Spring semesters begin. Students who take Math Prep Workshops will gain a strong foundation of mathematical understanding, and demonstrate improved performance and confidence for the course.

The following Math Workshops are offered in the Summer and Winter sessions:

  • WKSHP1190: Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning (Prep for MAT1190)
  • WKSHP1275CO: Introduction to Trigonometry-CO (Prep for MAT1275CO)
  • WKSHP1275: Introduction to Trigonometry (Prep for MAT1275)
  • WKSHP1375: Introduction to Pre-Calculus (Prep for MAT 1375)
  • WKSHP1475: Introduction to Calculus I (Prep for MAT 1475)
  • WKSHP1575: Introduction to Calculus II (Prep for MAT 1575)

NOTE: Workshops do not replace the full semester course.

Bridge to English 1101

This workshop focuses on strengthening reading and writing skills for proficiency in reading and writing and to prepare students for English 1101 (Composition 1). Every City Tech (and CUNY) student takes Composition I, which helps prepare students not only for other college courses but also for professional and community writing endeavors. There will be a focus on building reading comprehension and vocabulary, interpreting and responding to texts, scaffolding writing assignments, understanding clear sentence structure, and developing positive habits for college success. This is an intensive immersion course that requires a significant daily time investment, attending class and completing work on your own outside of class. 

Students who pass this workshop, earning a grade of 70% or higher, will earn reading and writing proficiency and should register for English 1101 the following semester. Students who do not pass will register for English 1101CO, a course that combines the content of this workshop in addition to the content in English 1101.

NOTE: A significant benefit of completing the Bridge to English 1101 prior to their first semester is that students can register for courses where English 1101 is required as a pre-requisite and students can earn credits faster. This allows students to take more credits toward their degree during the semester which saves students time, and also money on tuition and fees.

Students who enroll in FYP typically earn three credits more in their first year of college than students who do not take advantage of these workshops. Students who earn more credits in their first year are more likely to stay on track to graduate on time.