Learning Communities

We want to welcome you to City Tech and get you started on a strong path to college success. First Year Programs has a learning community opportunity that will benefit students who are unsure about their academic course of study. Learning Communities in Fall 2023 are designed for Undeclared and Undeclared Health students. 

What Is a Learning Community?

First Year Learning Communities (FYLC) are 2 or more courses with the same students enrolled that provide an innovative way for students to learn while forming connections to the college, professors, and other students. 

Five Reasons to Sign Up for a Learning Community:

Get Expert Advice

FYLC students are provided with a STAR Advisor who will help students plan their first and second semester courses. FYLC students also receive dedicated career exploration opportunities and professional development connections. 

Connect with Professors

Closer relationships with professors who are trained to support the needs of first-year students allows students in FYLCs to become more comfortable within the college setting. They also make learning more interesting and fun by having shared FYLC experiences.

Access Peer Support

FYLC students are provided with a Peer Mentor. Peer Mentors are trained experts on life at City Tech and will connect with students throughout the semester, provide support, and give answers to urgent questions. 

Gain Academic Access

FYLC students have demonstrated better grades and retention. Additional college assistance has been proven to promote student success in their first semester at City Tech 

Make Friends

FYLC are 2 or more courses with the same students enrolled. The experience of sharing classes helps new students make friends faster. 

FYLC Interdisciplinary Themes


Stories From Our Students

My first semester has been very stressful, luckily I made good friends who have helped me very much, to get around, when I don’t understand an assignment, we help each other, and they helped me distract myself from the stressful situation of being new and not really knowing where I belong. However I feel as if every year, we will experience the same thing over and over meeting new people and all the different classes we will be taking.

At the beginning of the semester everything felt weird and I just didn’t feel comfort with the place. After almost completing one semester in City Tech, the shift is better in the sense that I fell more familiar with the place, but there is times that I still fells new to me. I fell that High school was a placed where I was able to make more friends, ans this is one of the reason college can feel unfamiliar. But now I feel more familiar with the school, also I made some friends this helping me to be more enthusiastic about coming to class. Furthermore now is easier to me to approach my teachers because I feel more comfortable.